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An all-in-one global gifting solution that automates your gifting operation

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Only Spend money on Conversions



saved on the onboarding process for each new hire with gifting automation


of employees say they will stay at their jobs if they receive good gifts regularly


boost on employee morale and engagement with unique gifting experience


increase on talent retention with conventional gifting strategies


of employees would love to receive gifts as compare to other benefits


of businesses utilize corporate gifting to support ESG and DEI efforts, and 30% are planning to do so in the near future

Hassle-Free Gifting Solution

Leave the heavy lifting to us

Say goodbye to endless hours spent on finding the right gifts. Giftpack takes care of the gifting process from ideation to delivery.

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First Gifting CRM

Track Everything In One Place

No installation required. Our user-friendly, all-in-one dashboard tracks gifting progress, recipient interactions, and key return-on-investment metrics.

Find Perfectly-Matched Gifts

Humanizing AI technology to find gifts for anyone

Modern technology meets human emotion. Giftpack analyzes the digital footprint of any individual to suggest the most suitable gifts.

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Find different categories of products

Celebrate with physical goods, vouchers, and experiences gifts that bring joy and create lasting memories across the globe.


Send Surprising Swags

We provide 21,000+ catalogs with smart technology to blast your productions. Empower your brand through the art of gifting

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Try Free Personality Quiz

Seeing is believing. Give our AI gifting expert a try to find the best gift fit for you with our personality quiz.


Gifting in Numbers


Trusted companies are using Giftpack to digitize their gifting workflow.


Gifts were sent to more than 195 countries around the world.


Percent of our recipients love our new gifting experiences.


Hours we saved for HRs, Marketers, and Sellers with higher conversion.

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Customer Stories

Why Giftpack

Best relationship connector for remote workers

Giftpak saved me a ton of time and headache coming up with gifts, arranging the purchases, crafting the messages, and finally - delivering them to the hands of recipients. This type of task just doesn't fit very well into most people's work routines. In addition, with remote work style, celebrating achievement in person and important dates become very difficult. Giftpack allows me to maintain the engagement level with their unique service that you can't find elsewhere.



Marketing Manager @ENFOS Inc.

Giftpack AI - Great for employee gifting

The most helpful part of this software was the fact that it was individualized. My company wanted to get personalized gifts for long-term employees but didn't want them to have gifts that wouldn't be useful to them. Giftpack AI provided a platform that the individuals would get an assortment of gifts to choose from so the gift was useful and meaningful to them. The product was easy to use as the system sent the emails to the individuals and continued to follow up with new emails for every step of the process. Lastly, as our employees are primarily independent contractors the contact being done primarily through email was the best option for our employees as they were able to go through the process at their leisure.



HR Manager @ROI LLC

Best experience with just one-click away

Giftpack provides the best one-click gifting solution for all my colleagues and clients. They helped me personalize gift options for everyone. Just trust them — and you will get a fantastic result.



Senior Procurement Project Manager

A surprise Chrismas gift that read my mind

I loved very much my gift! Thank you so much, it was a perfect match! The best Christmas presnt I received this year and it’s even from my company lolll



B2B Global Sales Manager

Now we can give our recipients real choices

I like the idea. It not only saves time in choosing the right gift but also provides an interesting process. As a gift recipient, it is excited to see options that I have never thought of. On the other hand, as a gift-giver, it is so much fun to see friends choose their gifts. It creates a good topic between me and my friends.



Chief Human Resource Officer @Simbo Ltd.

A Relationship CRM for business clients

Easy to use and effective in cultivating customer relations. I use this service religiously to maintain my business relations with my clients. As a realtor, CRM is extremely vital in this business and Giftpack does just that!



a Realtor in Los Angeles

Amazing time saver with even better results

Giftpack saves countless hours for me on gifting. I'm always surprised by the gift option they provide. It's never too late to give touching gifts with an AI gifting assistant.



B2B Sales Assistant

Giftpack is transforming the way to do employee gifting

As I know, Giftpack is the only gifting platform that provides the personalization at scale. The only thing I need to do is to click the send button. They handle every part of the gifting process.



Senior Human Resource Manager

Personalized items are the best to have from my company

Above satisfaction. The packaging and delivery service is very well done and I love no-branding items! Big thanks to John! (John is the HR Manager)



Senior Software Engineer


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